Friday, February 15, 2013

Change Network Device Name on CentOS

OS: CentOS 6.3

Sometimes when you make clone of a virtual machine via KVM or VMWare, network device name are automatically change from eth0 to eth1.

To show your current device name use:
#ip link show

As you can see right now mac address 00:0C:29:5E:61:F2 are set to eth1.
To change it back to eth0 use:
#ip link set eth1 name eth0

To make sure the device name did not change back to eth1 after restart, edit:
You could delete the old mac address and edit the device name from eth1 to eth0

Don't forget to modify mac address at the network configuration:
Make sure mac address already set to new one

Turn on eth0, and check it:
#ifconfig eth0 up


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